A College Near Home Or a Distant college

March 3, 2016

Though the above topic does not seem to influencing to students when deciding about the college, but it really can be pivotal in deciding your future. A good college is one thing, but it is alo important to realize that these 4 to 5 years of higher education are going to shape your future. One needs exposure to the outer world, where he or she wishes to leave his or her mark, fulfill dreams and much more.

Analysing all the factors, I would recommend the students to go for colleges away from home, that is, distant colleges.At home, till the school gets over, we learn many things, and shape ourselves according to those, being in our comfort zone. But, after that, it is necessary to understand life. By this, I mean, living in a different, independent world of sorts, understanding different people, building upon your realization of good and bad, taking your stand, and most importantly, understanding how the world works, how the things would be at the corporate level. You can't always work in situations favouring you, or under the comfort provided by your parents.

Yes, that comfort would be their even if you are distant from them, but no one would be keeping a watch. It would be upto you, to live the life, the best you. Do the things and handle them the best you can. You will have to face certain situations alone, and that would bring out the best in you. That would nurture you much better for your future.

Hence, analyse the thing accordingly and decide , as you are grown enough to take a step towards your better future.

All The Best !!!!