March 3, 2016

Well.. this is a vital question asked by most of the students. The results are out, and now is the turn to check all the scenarios. Coming straight to the point , there are following possible conditions:

1.) If you aim to go for a particular branch

If it is your dream to graduate in a particular field of interest, then , do not think much. Go for the college which is best for that branch, irrespective of its standing on comparision with other colleges. Check out the scope, enquire about the quality of teaching, the placements and all, and just book that college on. There is no need to compromise with your dream just for the sake of going to a good college, if you do not wish for the same. There are only a small percentage of students as such now-a-days, but those who are, they do well in their aim, and succee, as it is your ability that matters at the end.

2.) If you can do with a good branch in any good college:

There are a majority of students who just wish for a good college based on their marks, and do not care much about the branch. WEll, it is simple, just go with the best possible college, selecting any of the top branch with scope in the outer advancing world. Not to forget, if you are ready to put in the necessary efforts, you can even change it to a better branch.

All in all, I would like to put it like this, A better college is more important than a better branch. I do not mean for you to select the worst branch ofcourse for that case. Analyse the options, and then decide.
If your college is better, then certainly it would have all the scope in the world, from where you can prosper. The world is moving ahead,and not just academics, every other activity , which shaoes you up for the coporate world matters.

I know, not even 20 percent of the students are peculiar with the fact that what branch they want to take. They start thinking after the results,
and for that the best option is the one I mentioned already.

Coming back to the first case, it is very intriguing to decide up on that, as you will find various colleges. Anayse perfectly, do some self research, look at all the possible gates, and decide. It won't harm to go for a good college overall, as you can always work hard, sincerely, to get into what you want, and ofcourse, you may find a new direction. If you are confident of yourself, go with your dream branch , at the best possible environment.

Good Luck