Difficulty In Engineering Admission Processes in India

March 3, 2016

The engineering colleges in India are increasing exponentially. There are many private institutions which have made name for themselves in the last five to ten years. Students have increased number of options when it comes to going to a good college, if they have not made any through jee mains or advanced.

But, of late they have to face difficulty in getting admitted. This mainly is because of the lesser time they have, to think, after the results are out, for the competitive examinations. Some colleges end the admission process even before the results of IIT's are out.
There are different competetive exams privately held by different reputed colleges. It can be difficult to shortlist one of many colleges , and that needs to be done wisely, as I mentioned in my previous articles. The reason I mentioned this factor here is that, different counselling sessions bring about a different outcome, and then one is often left confused . You must look at every possible aspect and then decide for yourself, instead of forming an opinion according to someone else. This is not that big a problem, but a very influential one.

Do not waste your time , by looking out for colleges in which you don't fulfill the criteria. Some state universities require domicile. The noteworthy thing is, check out the eligibility criteria of each and every college , in all backgrounds, to save the very vital time before the admission formalities.

I would go back to the first point and put that, you cannot attend each and every counselling session of different colleges. Some end the same , even before results of other main exams. Some counselling dates may clash with one another. It is important to select accordingly, on the basis of your marks, or your expectations, to complete everything in time. As, leaving out too many options to be sorted for the last week or so is tend to create even more pressure and panic. Not to forget, some institutions have a very much intense and long list of formalities to be completed. Everything should be in your mind accordingly.

If it is too late, then you may be left with going through management quota, which may not be feasible for one and all.

Such things should be kept in mind, and a very timely decision must be surely made.